Our Story


Hello, thank you for visiting Little Bee & Me. Here is a bit about us...

Our Brand

At Little Bee & Me we are passionate about creating stylish and practical baby accessories.

Little Bee & Me was created with the hope that our products will help you and your little bee everyday.

Our products go through a rigorous design process to make sure that the designs are highly functional, fashionable and affordable.

We are a family owned business and everything we design is made with love.

Our Founder

Little Bee & Me was created by Lauren. After having two busy little bees (Thomas & David) she found that it was impossible to find a stylish and functional bandana bib that kept them dry from all the drool.

And so Little Bee & Me was born. With Lauren's background in marketing she set out to create a highly functional and fashionable baby bandana bib to save others from washing several baby outfits a day. It's much easier to wash a few bibs a day than entire outfits.

Why Little Bee & Me?

Many people have asked our family why did you call the brand Little Bee & Me? Our last name starts with B so I would very often be calling my two boys “my little bees”.  I felt like the name really reflected how much love I have for my two boys as well as how much love we put into our products for your little bees.

We truly hope that the special little bee in your life will love our products.

We are so thankful for your support.